Friday, 8 June 2012

What to Eat?

There are different types of extremes you can do to lose weight during the year. you can go through a number of cleanses, and protein diets or you can do what i recommend and that is a quarterly cleanse to detox your system and clean out your digestive system. This rids your body of any toxins your body may have and it also helps reduce the fat and bloating in your stomach. Not only do cleanses do all that but they can taste wonderful. It is to your very own preference how you would like your juices but it is always good to include foods that are antioxidants or body cleansers such as blueberries, strawberries, oranges, broccoli, kale, mint leaves, carrots etc. These fruits and vegetable all have a purpose towards the human body and they help with other little things like  fresh breath and brighter eyes or skin tone. After these cleanses which are recommended to proceed at least 7 - 10 days you continue with a diet that consists of a lot of protein, no fats and a lot of greens. steak, chicken, tuna and salmon are all great to eat because they consist of protein, these will increase your metabolism and make you feel full. Try to eliminate sauces to go on top especially with oils (as good as it makes it all taste, it really does not help). Low in fat yogurts, granola, a little bit of caffeine (1 cup- preferably black a day is perfect), whole wheat and a lot of fruits and vegetables will give you great taste and a healthy diet. Always eat more in the morning and less as the day goes on. The less you eat at night the better your sleep is, as well, it allows your body to break everything down throughout the day so you will have a regular bathroom pattern and slowly you will see the pounds shed off. There is a reason people say breakfast is the most important part of the day, it is because it is what fuels you to do your daily tasks and it kick starts your metabolism. Try not to ignore breakfast and compensate with a big dinner. Here is a diet you can start to use about 1-2 months before a big event such as a wedding:

  1. Muesli with plain yogurt and honey or raisins, oatmeal and egg whites.
  2. A cup of milk or coffee with skim milk in it.
  1. A portion of meat (chicken, fish or red meat) with vegetables
  1. Some raw vegetables like cucumbers and carrots.
  2. A bit of dark chocolate 
  3. A spoonful of raw honey
  1. Only salad.

What i also recommend for over weight people is a cleanse diet consisting of: 

1 grapefruit
1 Lemon
reference: Power juices super drinks, Steve meyerowitz

a Salad and or a chicken/ tuna/salmon

Salad consisting of a lot of greens (spinach leaves, cucumbers, green peppers, kelp, garlic, add tofu)

Snacks: Would be very light and throughout the day to keep your metabolism up

I know dieting seems to be very hard, but it is not just dieting you need to do, it is a complete life change, once you are ready to this then you will lose exactly what you want in a good time frame. Eating heathy and right is just one thing you need to change, you also need to add an exercise plan which works right for you. This will allow you to have the body you want and to shed the pounds that hold you back from doing and wearing the things you love. 

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